One of my tasks was to write the ‘about us’ section and for some reason, amongst all the other things in my daily TO-DO list, it has been low priority. So 4 podcasts later, one night I’m having trouble sleeping and I decide that this is the night. I recall back to how we met and that the first time we interacted was over an argument I had with Lee – ironically enough – about ‘priorities’ (FYI I was teaching Lee about priorities).

Well that was the beginning of many interesting debates/arguments to come, until we thought of recording some of our thoughts and topics of interest and publish them in a blog.

Lee Turtle, a true Athenian resident, also one of the founders of the mighty pSit team, is someone who can only think in tag clouds and makes enemies with you before becoming your friend. He always believes he’s right and he portrays a harsh front but if you search deep down, and I mean reeeeally deep down, there is a small pea of goodness that I’m sometimes lucky enough to get a glimpse of. The rest of the time I dislike him 😛

As for me, I’m Keri and the reason I’m writing this in English, is because my Greek isn’t really Greek, it’s more Grenglish. I’m Australian born of Greek heritage and just like most Greek Australians, I decided to get acquainted with the motherland on a 6 week holiday that turned out to be a bit of an odyssey. One year exactly since I left Australia last September, I am still calling mumma and promising her a return date “soon….”

So here we are. What we have in common is that we both love Athens, the digital sphere, arguing (or some might call it stimulating conversation), laughing, seeking experiences and ‘creating’.

We are slowly getting into the swing of this podcast thing and constantly improving so stay tuned and send us your thoughts…

E-mail: gt_cast at drop.io


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